We are passionate about creating beautiful, designer products.  

A well-established business trading for a decade and counting, we are committed to quality and accessibility.  Our reputation is built on designing, manufacturing and communicating the best possible product through each brand aesthetic.  We pride ourselves on offering the consumer a lifestyle of colour, print and luxury.

We are a global company, with 1000 stockists across 15 countries and three different global websites.

We employ a talented, creative team to produce original designs for each brand in a whole range of categories.

The Localé Group is a leader in designer womenswear lifestyle products, boasting 95K Instagram followers across the brand portfolio.


It’s hard to collaborate with yourself.  In fact, your can’t, unless you have multiple personalities.

No one person knows everything, and the world can be a lonely place if you’re thinking about stuff by yourself.

Collaborating with others takes the pressure off and helps you to see things you might otherwise be blind to.

Bouncing ideas off diverse people  –  pooling resources, wisdom, flavours, opinions and experiences  –  creates debate, insight and friction  –  all good grounds for finding the best possible outcome.

Equally though, don’t collaborate just for the sake of it.  Work out which projects are actually going to benefit from collaboration, before inviting others to get involved.


Our expectations are high, but that’s because we have every confidence in our people who are driven by the passion they have for their work and our business.  Not only are they determined to make things happen, their goal is to deliver great results.  It’s our ambition, energy and drive which underpins the success of the Group.

Our team of people are at the heart for everything we do.  When we recruit people, we make sure that we place them in the brand that’s right for them and their personality.  Our people are friendly and sociable but they’re also professional, supportive and knowledgeable.

Why does it work?

Because although we have four brands under one umbrella, when it comes to the things that unite us  –  strong work ethics and enthusiasm for fashion  –  we’re one big team.